Take Command

The first wearable assistant with Amazon Echo Voice and Music Services

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Redefine what to expect
from your headphones

Optimize your work and play with OV, the world’s first wearable assistant with Amazon Alexa that will replace all your headphones. Experience seamless connectivity to a voice assistant of your choice paired with premium sound and voice quality and control to keep you tapped into your entertainment, communication and on-demand services without sacrificing convenience, style or functionality.

Convenience accelerated.

If you like Echo™ in the home, you’ll love Alexa on-the-go. Combined with access to your other favorite personal assistants like Siri™ and Google™, OV unlocks a world of entertainment, communication, shopping, smart home management, on-demand services, information and more at the tap of a button becoming a true wearable assistant.

Voice command your music

“Play Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run”

Voice command your services

“1-800 Flowers send a dozen roses to my wife”

Voice command your smart home

“Nest, change the temperature to 68”

Voice command your calls

“Call Courtney”

Less Scrolling,
More Jamming.

Think of a song you want to hear and tell OV™ to play it. Alexa, featuring Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn music services, can access millions of songs with the sound your voice. No searching, no scrolling, no fumbling with your phone.

Amazon MusicPrime MusicTune IniHeart RadioAudible

What do you want to hear?

Only OV™ lets you mix, boost, block and customize exactly what you hear. Mix the outside with your music. Hear your voice for clearer calls. Even sing some karaoke.. 



Do more than block out the sounds around you – use Ambient to control what you hear and what you don’t, in any situation.



Use Voice to hear your own voice in real time for better calls, voice commands, and even for singing along to your favorite tunes.



No need to remove your earbuds to have a conversation – a simple press of the Chat button automatically dips music volume and turns on Ambient and Voice.

Superior Sound.

Enjoy great sounding music, calls and more. OV’s premium, balanced armature speakers are tuned to deliver rich, powerful bass, smooth vocals and crystal clear detail. And when you need to be heard, a pair of beamforming microphones reduce background noise for calls or talking to your favorite voice command assistant.

"I definitely recommend these headphones to anyone who appreciates high quality listening experiences or frequently makes calls while on-the-go." -Nicole C., OV User



Introducing OV Scarf.

OV Scarf is the perfect way to add a dash of color to your outfit while keeping your OV wearable assistant comfortable and secure all day. Wear the OV Scarf tied, snapped, or open on your lapel as you set out to conquer the world or just your morning commute.

Get OV Scarf FREE with purchase of OV for a limited time only. 


New Scarves!

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More About OV


Balanced armature speakers deliver high-output, extended bass, and impeccable detail compared to ordinary speakers used in most headphones. Dual binaural MEMS mics allow you to hear what’s happening around you in true 3D sound, for superior awareness. Dual beam-forming MEMS mics focus on your voice and filter out other sounds for better calls and commands. Three microcontrollers to process and mix just the right sounds for your environment like no other headphone does on the market.


OV uses the aptX® audio codec to enable wide-band Bluetooth wireless stereo music playback rivaling the sound quality of a wired connection. For air travel where Bluetooth may be prohibited, OV features a wired audio input port (standard line input cable provided).


Tap the earbud button to answer and end calls, or activate Siri for iPhone or Google for Android. Tap the Alexa button and use your voice to play a song, shop, get information, and much more.


Work and play all day with OV, tested for 8 hours of continuous calls and music on a single charge.


‘Flex zones’ located in the arms of the neckband and at the base of the voice microphone boom allow you to shape OV to your body. Choose from a selection of included earbud tips, to find the most comfortable, secure fit.


For the best OV experience and to access Alexa Voice Services, download the free OV app, available for Android and iOS. Use the OV app to make adjustments to Audio, Ambient, and Voice levels for music and phone calls, then save your favorite settings as presets.