About ONvocal

Delivering true innovation starts with a singular premise in mind. So at ONvocal, we started with one goal: to harness the power of sound and voice to improve our daily lives. Our team of audio technology experts, MIT engineers and serial entrepreneurs work tirelessly to find better ways of incorporating cutting-edge technology into everyday life, to make things easier, faster and more enjoyable.


Our Team.

Will Graylin, Chairman

Will has built several successful companies in the mobile computing space. With his background in electrical engineering, computer science and psycho-acoustics (how humans perceive sound), he founded ONvocal to tackle the fundamental problems with how we hear and are heard when interacting with our smartphones and other devices.

Brad Geswein, VP Product Development

Brad completed MIT’s prestigious Leaders for Global Operations graduate program, earning dual masters degrees in engineering and business. Between Brad’s undergraduate work at Purdue University and MIT, he worked at Klipsch designing high-end headphones.

John Maddox, VP, Electronics & SW Engineering

Self proclaimed “Engineering Geek” and “Audio Freak,” John Maddox has been developing audio products for over 30 years for a list of companies that includes Oasis SiliconSystems, Bose Corporation, Alto Aviation, Blueprint Audio, and Simple Media Networks.

Favorite OV mix: Audio- 6, Ambient- 8, Voice- 8

Why: OV keeps my hands free while keeping me connected with the real world. I can keep my music playing in "Stealth Mode" no matter what else I am doing.

Courtney Cydylo, Marketing

Courtney has been working in integrated marketing communications for a variety of industries including commercial real estate, payments, healthcare data and financial services since 2009. Courtney earned her bachelor’s degree from Central CT State University. She is responsible for brand development and marketing at ONVOCAL.

Favorite OV mix: Audio- 6, Ambient- 3, Voice- 0

Why: I work from home so this mix is great for being able hear my dog bark when he needs me without being distracted from the music I play to help me maintain focus and productivity.

Joseph Shen, Finance

Joseph has been working in the financial field since 2000 and has experience in both large and small enterprises. Previously Joseph was the Senior Treasury Analyst for multi-billion-dollar cash management at Partners Healthcare System.

Favorite OV mix: Audio-7, Ambient-5, Voice-2

Why: This mix allows me to aware my surroundings while at work or listen my favorite classical music.

John Pilozzi, Software Engineering

John is a digital signal processing technologist with a keen interest in expanding the limits of wireless devices.

Favorite OV mix: Audio - 4, Ambient - 3, Voice - 3

Why: This is my go-to all day setting. Paused or playing tunes, I can still hear myself and everything around me.

Ayan Shafqat, Software Engineering

Ayan graduated from NYU Poly in 2012 with a BS of EE degree with a concentration of DSP and brings extensive experience in audio signal processing, control, and a passion for producing impeccable sound through technology. He has previously worked with Bose to deliver the superior audio performance for automotive.

Favorite OV mix: Music-8, Ambient-4, Voice-0

Why: I like to enjoy music while maintaining awareness of my surroundings. It helps me concentrate on my work without ignoring the world.

Daniel Kline, E-commerce

Dan has held a variety of roles in the consumer electronics industry for over 25 years including thirteen years at Tweeter. Dan focuses on bringing his depth of experience and knowledge to the direct sales and e-commerce functions at ONvocal.

Favorite OV Mix: Audio 5, Ambient 7, Voice 4

Why: It’s the perfect setting for everyday life. My music is always in the background and I can participate in conversations with anyone, at any time.

Phil Getchell, Operations

Phil has been making websites since the 90’s, from online stores to vast libraries - recently pioneering the publishing of large, encyclopedic Art collections. His experience also includes, technology sales, network infrastructure, team development, and workforce mobility.

Favorite OV mix: Audio- 8, Ambient- 1, Voice- 7

Why: I live in the middle of a loud, growing city. OV let’s me escape to the patio or the street when I am talking on the phone - enhancing calls, while quieting the noise of my bustling neighborhood.

Dave Malin, Business Development

Dave brings over 30 years of music industry and consumer electronics experience to ONvocal. His previous positions include merchandising roles at major record labels including IRS Records and RCA Records, A/V retailer Tweeter Home Entertainment , where he served as VP of Merchandising and ZeeVee, a leading manufacturer of high tech video distribution equipment in the commercial space, where he served as VP of Sales.

Favorite OV mix: Audio-7, Ambient-5, Voice-0

Why: This mix allows me to listen to my favorite music while walking in an urban landscape, keeping aware of traffic patterns around me on busy streets. It also allows me the flexibility to keep my earbuds in while having face to face conversations.