Amazon Alexa at Home and on the Road

Amazon Alexa at Home and on the Road

Amazon’s new Echo Show device, the first in the Echo product lineup to give Alexa a “face,” is now available. When you think about just how different your interactions with Alexa can be on the Echo Show compared to your OV intelligent headphones, it just goes to show (no pun intended) how versatile Alexa can be whether you’re at home, work, or while traveling.

The Echo Show’s key selling point is its 7-inch touchscreen that sits atop the speakers.

Credit: TheVerge

It looks great, although it’s not exactly portable. I don’t envision you moving it from room to room. You pick at one location like your kitchen or living room, plug it in, and leave it there. It’s perfect for the new video calling feature, as well as seeing information like weather conditions, song lyrics, a recipe, or views from a baby monitor or security camera.

While the Echo Show’s screen makes it ideal for interacting with Alexa while you stand or sit, OV turns Alexa into a true wearable assistant, especially when it’s inconvenient or unsafe to look at a screen.

You can use Alexa to complete a wide range of tasks like scheduling meetings on-the-fly, summoning an Uber while you’re walking through the airport terminal, or setting reminders when an idea suddenly pops into your head. Of course, you can also use OV to take and make phone calls.

It’s remarkable to think that Alexa and the original Echo speaker became available just two years ago this month, especially considering the product was mired in development delays in Amazon’s labs for years.

Today, thanks to products like the Echo lineup and OV, Alexa can make your life easier and more productive no matter where you are.

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