Amazon Alexa + OV Headphones = Happy Father’s Day!

Amazon Alexa + OV Headphones = Happy Father’s Day!

There’s nothing wrong with getting Dad something from the standard Father’s Day lineup of gifts, such as a tie, a new power or lawn tool, or a box of golf balls. He can use those things at least once or twice a week. But this year, why not get him something that can help him while working or playing every single day?

That’s what the combination of Amazon’s Echo devices and our OV intelligent headphones featuring Alexa integration offer.

Consider how using an Echo device in the home, and the OV headphones as an always-on wearable assistant when he leaves, will help Dad relax on Sunday.

First, when Alexa sounds an alarm in the morning, he can just say “Alexa, turn off the alarm!” and sleep in a little. When he does roll out of bed, he can ask Alexa “what’s today’s weather forecast?” If there’s no rain coming, he can make plans to do something outside.

The OV is the first and only headphones featuring Amazon Alexa Voice and Music Services integration. When he heads out the door, he slips the OV’s comfortable neckband around his neck, and Alexa accompanies him wherever he goes. It’s a true wearable assistant that’s just as useful on the golf course as it is while lounging in the backyard hammock.

If he wants to listen to music, he can simply press a button on the OV neckband and tell Alexa to start playing a specific song, playlist or album on Spotify or Amazon Music, or a TuneIn or Pandora station. Or, he may decide to tell Alexa to play an audiobook on Audible. He can be specific about picking up where he left off by a bookmark, chapter or even a particular page.  

He can also keep tabs on all his favorite teams in real-time. For instance, he can simply ask “Alexa, when does the New York Yankees game begin?” or “Alexa, did the Yankees win today?”

Even better, he can ask Alexa to perform all of these actions and so much more -- everything from opening a garage door, to setting a timer while he’s manning the grill, or adding items to his To Do list for the coming week - without having to pull his phone out of his pocket.

At the end of the day, he can tell Alexa to turn off the lights, lock the doors, and set an alarm to wake him up in the morning.

When he leaves for work, the OV is the only wearable assistant he’ll need to help him place and receive phone calls, listen to audio content, and access the thousands of other available Alexa Skills.

That’s not an exaggeration, there are more than 10,000 Skills available (and counting.) CNET maintains a comprehensive list of all the Alexa commands divided up by categories such as “Media Controls,” “Sports” and “Smart Home” - check it out here.

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