Breaking Our Reliance on Looking at Our Devices’ Screens

Breaking Our Reliance on Looking at Our Devices’ Screens

Last week I came out in strong support of manufacturers’ efforts to integrate Amazon Alexa into my kitchen appliances. I realize that adding Alexa to a refrigerator or oven may not embrace the mobile lifestyle we enable with OV as a wearable assistant. But, consider just how helpful and fun using Alexa becomes when you partner your connected home devices with the intelligent wearable assistant that OV provides you. It’s a vision we pioneered when we released OV earlier this year, and it appears the idea is gaining traction with other manufacturers.

Exhibit A is HTC’s newest smartphone, the U11. It’s offers Alexa integration, and Wired’s David Pierce calls it the phone’s “most awesome feature”. Trouble is, you’re still limited by the fact you have to pull the phone out of your pocket or bag to interact with Alexa.

Put simply, when it comes to using Alexa as a wearable assistant, the future does not include screens.

The HTC U11 user experience appears very similar to interacting with Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant on smartphones. And screens are starting to appear on connected home devices too. Amazon next week will release its new Echo Show, and the Apple HomePod has a little screen on top of it. There are a number of applications that will be able to take advantage of screens on home connected devices, including video calling, baby monitors, and home security.

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Courtesy Wired

But while having a screen on a home-connected devices is convenient, that’s becoming unnecessary as  Alexa grows steadily “smarter” and more capable of interacting with users on a conversational basis. Consider what you can do with OV today without looking at your phone screen once.

Let’s say you’re on your way to the airport to catch a flight. If you’re wearing OV, you can ask Alexa to summon an Uber car, make and receive phone calls, play music from a variety of services and check the score of the ballgame you’re missing - all without having to look at your phone once. You can even use an Alexa Skill like Flight Tracker or Flight Status to check on the status of your flight’s departure and arrival times. That’s especially handy if you have to catch a connecting flight.

OV enables you to stay completely aware of what’s going on around you while you’re interacting with Alexa, whether you’re at home, out walking the dog, or driving your car.

Of course you’ll still want to look at your device screen when someone calls you on a video chat app, or when you want to use the device camera to snap a photo.

But as developers continue building apps that enable you to ask Alexa a question, or command “her” to take specific action, you will be able to simply hold a true two-way conversation with Alexa without interrupting whatever you’re doing.

You’ll leverage the power of Alexa without compromising your productivity or personal safety.

Plus, you and your family, friends and co-workers will be able to actually look each other in the eyes again…

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