Cooking with OV and Alexa

Cooking with OV and Alexa

If you do any cooking at home, either making gourmet meals for yourself or something the kids will actually eat, chances are you have cookbooks and recipes torn out of magazines that are spattered with evidence of your past efforts. Or maybe you’ve migrated to a smartphone app like AllRecipes that can help you discover new recipes, build shopping lists and provides step-by-step directions. Of course, that means figuring out a method for following recipes without dripping food on the screen (hint: there isn’t one). The combination of OV and Amazon Alexa is your solution. You can use just your voice to find recipes and prepare an ingredients list, and listen to recipe directions even when chaos reigns in your kitchen.

Let’s say you want to make paella. Press the OV Alexa Voice button and say “Alexa, get me the recipe for paella.”

Next, check whether you have all the ingredients. If you’re missing any, press the OV Alexa Voice button and ask Alexa to “ask store helper to find fresh shellfish” or “ask OurGroceries to add rice to our shopping list.” Once you have all the ingredients, use Alexa to run through the steps.

You don’t want to work in silence. If you also don’t want to blast music over external speakers, OV offers a premium listening experience for all forms of audio content including music, audiobooks and podcasts. OV lets you use just your voice to choose specific pieces of content and control playback. You can also use OV to issue voice commands to your phone’s virtual assistant. Press the Command button to answer/ end phone calls, send/receive text messages, or activate Siri or Google Now.

If the kids interrupt you, you don’t have to remove the earbuds to answer their questions or referee a fight. A simple press of the Chat button automatically dips music volume and turns on the proprietary Ambient and Voice features. OV features three microcontrollers that process and mix just the right sounds for your environment.

If you succeed in making the paella, congratulations!


But if something goes wrong, no problem! Just ask Alexa “what Spanish restaurants are near me?” and place a take-out order. Or even easier, say “Alexa, open Domino’s and order me a pizza.”

Then, while you’re waiting for your delivery, kick back, relax and ask “Alexa, how do you make a martini?”