Flying with Amazon Alexa

Flying with Amazon Alexa

Do you feel like flying has grown more uncomfortable over the years? That’s not just your imagination. Seat size and leg room have been slowly shrinking. In fact, Congress is considering legislation to make things better (or at least prevent the experience from getting any worse). Fortunately, your in-flight entertainment options have gotten much better, even if that means taking matters into your own hands last minute by visiting an InMotion Entertainment store in the airport. Now, our new OV intelligent headphones enable you to take your Amazon Alexa assistant on the plane with you, and without having to purchase an extra seat.

The next time you find yourself fidgeting in your seat (at least in coach), you don’t have to feel so guilty about that large burrito you scarfed down waiting for your connecting flight. The average distance between seat rows has shrunk about four inches since the deregulation of the  airline industry in the 1970s. Seats that were once 18 inches wide are now closer to 16 inches. You can’t even recline as far as you used to be able to because seat pitch has decreased from about 35 inches to 31 inches.

Cramped Airline Seat.jpg

The reason is simple: less space means airlines can cram more seats into planes to sell more tickets. 

In a move that may actually get Republican and Democratic lawmakers to cooperate, Congress is considering a new bipartisan bill that calls for establishing “a minimum seat size on commercial airlines as well as a minimum distance between rows of seats.” 

If passed, the Seat Egress in Air Travel Act of 2017 (yes, that makes it the “SEAT Act”) will task the FAA with setting these limits. 

Congress failed to pass a similar measure last year. Whether or not seats become more roomy, at least our OV headphones can make listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts or watching videos more comfortable without hampering your ability to chat with your seat mates or flight attendants. 

OV features a lightweight construction and adjustable sizing for maximum comfort around your neck and ears. Intelligent sound controls and Comply foam tips block out background noise, but the unique Chat Mode makes it easy to talk to someone without having to remove the earbuds.

To their credit, airlines are equipping more planes with Wi-Fi access, which means you can also use the OV headphones to control Amazon Alexa and Amazon Music services with your voice. Keep your phone or tablet in your pocket or bag, and just ignore the quizzical looks you may get from people sitting near you. 

Even if you’re flying cross country or across an ocean, you don’t have to worry about the OV’s battery life. Use the line-input connection to patch directly into the plane’s infotainment system or your device. This preserves the battery by automatically shutting off the bluetooth connection.

When you’re getting off the plane and making your way through the terminal, your phone can stay in your pocket. Use Alexa to review your schedule, check the weather conditions, and then depending on the temperature, turn on the heat or A/C at home so the house will be comfortable when you arrive. You can also activate Google Assistant or Siri to send a text message or make a call. 

If you’re planning a trip, you can now purchase the OV intelligent Bluetooth headphones today on our web site. Stay tuned to this blog for news about how you will soon be able to nab a set even if you forgot to pack them...