New Research Finds We’re Growing More Comfortable “Speaking” to Our A.I. Assistants

New Research Finds We’re Growing More Comfortable “Speaking” to Our A.I. Assistants

Admit it – the first time you said “Alexa,” “OK Google,” or “Hey Siri,” you felt a little silly. But chances are you quickly got over that feeling after discovering how powerful voice-controlled A.I. assistants have become. I feel comfortable making that educated guess after reviewing the findings of new research from Park Associates that finds talking to connected devices is becoming second-nature for us.

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Parks Associates is a market research and consulting company that specializes in emerging consumer technology products and services. It recently released a report entitled “Voice Assistants and Technologies: Ecosystem and Market Leaders” that examines how quickly the smart home devices market is growing, and the parallel rise in popularity of using voice commands to control those devices.

The full report costs $3,500 to download. In case you don’t have that in your piggy bank, Park also provides a summary of the key findings on its web site, including:

  • More Americans embrace voice-controlled A.I.: The adoption rate of smart speakers equipped with voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa nearly tripled in just one year – growing from five percent of U.S. broadband households in Q4 2015 to 12 percent in Q4 2016.

  • A good year for Alexa: Park estimates Amazon sold 15.3 million Echo devices (i.e., Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap) in 2016. Also, there are now more than 10,000 Alexa Skills, which means the Alexa Skills Kit has grown by roughly 40 percent since just January 2016!


  • Smart home devices edge home entertainment systems: Parks found that a slightly higher percentage of U.S. broadband households (56 percent) want to use voice-activated personal assistance to control smart home devices compared to those who want to use voice to control their entertainment systems (55 percent).

    That’s a close race, and I expect more people will use voice commands to control their TVs, DVRs, and home entertainment systems as manufacturers like Logitech and Sonos build more connected systems, and the Alexa Skills to control them.

This statement by Park analyst Dina Abdelrazik also caught my eye: “Voice interfaces are advancing due to continued improvements in machine learning and natural language processing, paired with the prevalence of portable devices.”

Until recently, “portable devices” referred only to smartphones and tablets. Not anymore.

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