BOSTON (APRIL 17, 2017) - ONVOCAL™, a software and hardware innovator focused on enhancing daily life through a seamless mobile experience, today announced that OV headphones are now available for purchase on ONVOCAL.com and Amazon.com.

Unveiled in December 2016, OV allows you to easily interact with the Amazon Alexa Voice Service and voice assistants like Apple Siri and Google Voice, unlocking a world of entertainment, communication, shopping, on-demand services, information, smart home control and more.

OV is the only headphone to offer untethered, voice controlled access to Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, Audible, Kindle, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn radio.


“OV is designed to keep you engaged and productive all day by seamlessly integrating ground-breaking sound and voice capabilities in one comfortable, wearable device” said Bob Spaner, President of ONVOCAL. “We've combined the most robust voice command capabilities with useful sound controls and superior sound quality for enjoying music, books, radio stations, and calls without touching your phone or removing your earbuds."

OV, the First Smart Headphones with Intelligent Sound Control

OV features a suite of patented and patent pending intelligent Sound Controls making OV the only headphone to offer Ambient, Voice and Chat sound controls for boosting, blocking, mixing and customizing exactly what you hear. The Ambient control allows you to hear what’s happening around you in true binaural 3D sound. The Voice control allows you to hear your own voice in real time for better calls, voice commands and even for singing along to your favorite tunes. A double-tap of the Chat button automatically dips music volume and turns on Ambient and Voice, which means you don’t need to remove earbuds to have a face-to-face conversation with the fight attendant, barista, friend or colleague.

OV features the finest audio components including balanced armature speakers tuned to deliver rich, powerful bass, smooth vocals, and crystal clear detail. And when you need to be heard, a pair of beam-forming microphones reduces background noise when making calls or talking to voice assistants.

For the best OV experience and access to Amazon Alexa, download the free OV app, available for Android and iOS. Use the OV app for fine adjustments of Audio, Ambient, and Voice levels for music and phone calls alike.

*NEW… Available now exclusively on onvocal.com, the OV scarf. Easy to wear, wash and style, the OV Scarf adds a dash of color and flair to your day while you stay productive and connected with OV. Available in red and navy bandana print, O/S. Retail price $19.99 or for a limited time, free with purchase of OV.



ONVOCAL is a company who builds advanced acoustic software and hardware solutions for mobile entertainment, communications, and commerce, and is headquartered in Northborough, MA. In 2016, ONVOCAL debuted OV, the world's first intelligent headphone available with untethered access to Amazon's Alexa Voice and Music Services and ONVOCAL’s patented and patent pending intelligent Sound Controls. Everyday, ONVOCAL’s seasoned team of engineers, industry leaders and entrepreneurs are singularly focused on delivering innovations that make daily life easier and more enjoyable.


To learn more about ONVOCAL, visit www.onvocal.com or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.



Moon Vitiello, Carve Communications for ONVOCAL