Why the Prejudice Against Male-Voiced Virtual A.I. Assistants?

Why the Prejudice Against Male-Voiced Virtual A.I. Assistants?

Why do a majority of consumers prefer their A.I. assistants to speak in a female voice? That’s one finding of a new survey on how consumers use virtual assistants on their phones and home connected devices. Have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, the creepy male android Michael Fassbender plays in Prometheus the new Alien Covenant, or the evil HAL-9000 computer in 2001 left us afraid of male-voiced smart technologies? Or was it the fact this poll was conducted so close to Mother’s Day?


Rockfish surveyed 1,600 U.S. consumers and discovered that a large majority (65%) prefer A.I. assistants with a female voice.


Rockfish also asked respondents to describe how they interact with either or both the A.I. assistants on their smartphones like Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana, and on connected speakers like Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home. And what’s the default voice setting on all of these applications? Female.

Does no one remember C-3PO?

Star Wars.jpeg

Consumers also want A.I. to do more than just deliver what they ask for. 60% want their artificial intelligence to have a personality, shown by telling jokes or offering unexpected responses to unexpected questions.

These statistics on voice and personality preferences are fun, but it’s the findings around how consumers are interacting with A.I. assistants (or in most cases, not interacting) that struck me as more surprising.

Almost half (48%) of consumers have not interacted with any form of A.I., and another 23% are not sure if they have.

If you haven’t tried to incorporate virtual A.I. technology into your daily routine, you don’t know what you’re missing! Think for a moment about how many times use your smartphone to set alarms, create and manage lists, set reminders, ask for directions, send or read texts, play music, ask for news updates and sports scores, etc.

Of course, even if you do try to use the A.I. assistant, you still need to pull your phone out of your pocket or bag.

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Even better, the OV lets you go one step further and consolidate your mobile and home A.I. assistants.

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Alexa is primarily a connected home A.I. assistant, accessible via Amazon’s line of Echo devices. But with OV, even when you’re out and about, you can instruct Alexa to set the grocery store trip reminder, add items to your Shopping list, and access that list.

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And we won’t judge you if you decide to have Alexa speak to you in a man’s voice.