Adjusting a Preset

Adjusting a Preset

The Sliders


  • Audio: This slider controls the volume of whatever is coming from your device, whether that is a phone call, song, audio book, or a voice assistant such as Siri or Google.
  • Ambient: Use Ambient to stay engaged with the world. Do more than block out the sounds around you – use Ambient to control what you hear and what you don’t, in any situation. Ambient controls the volume level of the sounds around you. Turning this up allows you to be more aware of your surroundings, even while you have your ear buds in.  Note that ambient sounds can still be drowned out by turning the Source volume too high.
  • Voice: Use Voice for calls or singing along. This slider controls the volume level of your own voice as you speak or sing.  Turn this up to make sure you’re not shouting on a call in a loud environment, or to make sure you’re singing on key to your favorite song.



  • On the neckband, press and hold Voice, Ambient, or Source Up/Source Down buttons to cycle through volume levels. On the app, slide the blue button to move volume levels up or down. 

Note: the neckband buttons adjust levels in larger jumps - 3 volume levels at a time - whereas the app can adjust feature levels anywhere from 1-15.


  • To save these modifications, tap the “Save” button on the app.  These settings are now the default levels for that mix.
  • If you tap the “Back” arrow before saving, your adjustments will not be saved. The preset will revert to its previous settings when another preset is selected, or when the OV or your device is turned off.  


Adjusting Phone Calls Preset


We’ve included a few default presets to get you started, the Phone Call preset is the only one that can’t be deleted.  This is the mix that will be engaged automatically when you receive a phone call.  To make sure you’re getting the best experience on your calls with the OV, we highly recommend customizing this mix first.  To do so, try making a test call, perhaps to a friend or co-worker.  

Once the call is active and you’re wearing the OV:


  1. Open the ONvocal app

  2. Select the “Phone Calls” preset

  3. Use the sliders to adjust levels

  4. When you’ve found your ideal mix, tap “Save”


Note: “Ambient” is typically turned off during calls to minimize distraction.  Once saved, the OV will use these settings for all future calls.

When turned on, or after a call has ended, the OV will use whichever preset was last selected.  All of these default presets can be adjusted, saved, or deleted at any time.