Home Page - Using Presets

Home Page - Using Presets


The app comes pre-loaded with four default presets, or “mixes”

  • Phone Calls - Phone Call is engaged only when you take a phone call through OV.  You must be on a call to adjust the Audio, Voice, and Ambient levels of this preset.
  • Chat - No need to remove your earbuds to have a conversation – a simple press of the Chat button automatically dips music volume and turns up Ambient and Voice levels.


Note:  A brief double press of the Ambient button will instantly put OV in chat mode.  Another brief double press will bring you back to the listening mode you were in before.


  • Aware - Use Aware to stay engaged with your surroundings. Do more than block out the sounds around you – use Ambient to control what you hear and what you don’t, in any situation. Ambient controls the volume level of the sounds around you. Voice level cannot be adjusted.
  • Karaoke - Be a rock star! With Voice turned up, you can stay on key while singing along to a song. Use Karaoke for when you want to sing along to your favorite song, raising the Voice level, and Music level. So you can get the right combination of your voice input from the microphone and listen to that song. Ambient level cannot be adjusted.
  • Music Bubble - With Voice and Ambient off, you can tune out the world and immerse yourself in sound. Use Music Bubble for when you want to become immersed in your audio source, by adjusting the Audio Level. Ambient level and Voice level cannot be adjusted.


Watch the demo of sound levels here: Demo

Tap a mix to select it.  This will bring you to the ‘Adjust Mix’ screen.  Each mix is a combination of three sliders that control the volume levels of different sound sources.


Creating a Mix

Instead of modifying the existing mixes, you can add your own to suit any need. Creating your own mix is quick and easy.


Start by selecting “New” from above the preset list. On the new mix screen:


  • Tap ‘new mix’ and enter a name for your mix

  • Adjust each slider to the desired level.

  • Pressing on the speaker icon will mute the particular level.

  • Select Reset to revert to the default levels.

  • Select “Save” to add your mix to the preset screen, or back to cancel without saving the new mix. This reverts to the last active preset.

Your new mix is now just a touch away whenever you need it!

Re-Ordering Mixes

Keep your most frequently used mixes within easy reach with the “Reorder” function.  To utilize this function, tap “Reorder” at the top of the preset list screen.  Selecting this option places a button on the right side of each mix. Simply use the button to drag the mixes up or down the list, then tap “Save” to save the new order.