Connecting & Using Amazon Alexa

Connecting & Using Amazon Alexa


Option 1: Sign in to your Amazon account to access Alexa on OV when you first open the OV app:

Option 2: From the OV app

  1. Go to Settings on the OV app
  2. Select Amazon Alexa and follow the steps

If you already use the Amazon App on your device, you may not require a sign-in and your Amazon account will become linked.

Using Alexa

Briefly press Power/Alexa button to begin an Alexa command session (do not press and hold the button unless you intend to power OV off).

Alexa is a cloud based service that offers more control with your voice than ever before.  From lighting control to adjusting your thermostat, Alexa can pretty much do anything these days.  We love it for music.

Think of a song you want to hear and ask Alexa to play it. OV with Alexa and Amazon Music services provides access to millions of songs and books, thousands of radio stations, all with the sound of your voice. No searching, no scrolling, no fumbling with your phone.

Note: When using OV, you do not require an Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap or Amazon Echo Dot to use Alexa and Amazon Voice or Music Services.

Note: OV users can listen to any music on TuneIn Radio as well as iHeart Music at any time.  In addition, Amazon Prime members have access to about 2 Million songs.  Beyond that, Amazon offers Music Unlimited which has a library of about 30 million songs.*

* Amazon prime members may need to pay a monthly fee above and beyond the Prime membership for Music Unlimited.

Note: Alexa communicates for a voice session through the (phone call and voice recognition), if a phone call comes through your Alexa session is interrupted (HFP), you will need to beckon Alexa again to restart your voice recognition session (HFP).


Configuring Alexa

Download the Alexa App to enhance your Alexa abilities.


More about Alexa

More about Alexa and how to use its various services.

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