Creating & Using an OV account

Creating & Using an OV account

Why should I create an OV account? 
Registering your OV products to an OV Account allows you to take full control of OV and Amazon Alexa from the OV app, with other functionality to come in the future. It is an important step in ensuring products and services are securely registered and associated with your OV account.

What information do I need to sign-up? 
You’ll only need an email address that you have access to. Avoid using non-personal emails when linking your account.

How do I sign-up? 
When you download the OV app you will be prompted to set up your account so that you can control OV from the OV app. You must create an account to continue. 

What information do you gather when I join OV? 
Check out our privacy policy for a full list of information we gather, and how that information is used.

I forgot my password, can I reset it? 
Yes. Tap on “I forgot my password” within the OV app.

Please note the following password requirements when creating a new password: 

  • At least 6 characters
  • Includes a number
  • Includes a special character/symbol
  • Uppercase letter
  • Lowercase letter