Author: Jake Stewart

Become a Student of Stephen Hawking’s Teachings

Cover courtesy of Verge Even if you haven’t cracked open a science book since your high school days, you’re probably familiar with the work of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who passed away last week at age 76. He made physics “cool” and became a pop culture icon by appearing on TV shows like The Simpsons….Read more

Let the (March) Madness Begin!

If there’s one event that can create the same nationwide sports fervor of the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics, it’s March Madness. The NCAA men’s college basketball tournament begins on Thursday (technically, the so-called “First Four” games tip-off tonight, but I’m a traditionalist), and you can use your OV intelligent wireless headphones to fill out…Read more

Finding Inspiration on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and the #PressForProgress theme calls on people, businesses and organizations to unify in a push for gender equality worldwide. It’s also a day to celebrate the immeasurable ways women have shaped all aspects of our lives, including business, politics, sports, education and the arts. To help inspire you today (and…Read more

5 Gadgets to Help Your Garden Grow

Cover image courtesy of: Rodale’s Organic Life You wouldn’t know it with the ferocious winter storms battering much of the country, but spring is almost here! The first official day is March 20, and if there’s such a thing as making a spring resolution, why not try planting a small garden?   Research shows growing a…Read more

The Fruit Fly and the Tortoise

Every year the mobile industry’s players large and small, including device manufacturers, gather in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference. MWC 2018 just wrapped up a few days ago, and smartphone manufacturers like Asus and Samsung showed off their newest smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ makes the Galaxy S8+ I bought about 6 months…Read more