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OV App

  • How do I link Pandora to my OV?
    1. Get OV up and running quickly with these easy to follow instructions:
    2. To use Amazon Alexa on OV, make sure to follow Step 7 of the OV Getting Started guide.

    Don’t have an Amazon account? Sign up for free now:

    1. Be sure to also download the Amazon Alexa mobile app:
    2. You will need to perform a simple one-time set-up to link your Pandora and Alexa accounts. Launch the Alexa app on your phone, open the sidebar menu by tapping on the mobile menu icon on the upper left.

    Then tap on: Settings Music & Media Pandora

    1. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Pandora account on Alexa. Don’t have a Pandora account? Sign up for free now: For additional support, including a list of Alexa voice commands, visit Pandora’s help page:
  • Do I need the OV app to use Alexa, if I have the Amazon Alexa app installed?

    Yes, we suggest running the OV app so that you can use Alexa directly through your OV headset.

    We also recommend using the Amazon Alexa app to control your Amazon Music Services, preferences and other smart device configurations.

  • OV App Permissions

    iOS devices

    On iOS, you are prompted by a dialogue box whenever OV app requests a new permission, which you can either allow or deny. In some cases, it is necessary for you to grant OV certain permissions to take advantage of a feature.

    Microphone access

    • Used when accessing Amazon Alexa, OV requests this permission. Denying this permission will not allow you to use Alexa or other voice services.

    Cellular data

    • OV uses cellular data for streaming or communication between devices, and connection to services such as OV platform and Amazon Alexa. Enabling this permission will allow normal app operation.

    Android devices

    Android devices are comprehensive when it comes to permissions. It is not possible to only allow some permissions required by the app, it is necessary to allow all permissions for a particular app, or none at all. The following permissions are necessary to install the OV app on Android devices.

    NOTE: Android 6.0 and up it is possible to allow or deny specific permissions. Learn more about Android 6.0 and up permissions here.


    • “Approximate location (network-based)”: Gathering the approximate location of your OV headset allows us to auto-populate and predetermine your location for use in OV platform services with more functionality such as Amazon Alexa to come in the near future.
    • “Precise Location (GPS and network-based)”: Gathering the approximate location of your OV headset allows us to determine your location for use in OV platform services with more functionality such as Amazon Alexa to come in the near future.

    You can control the location services permission from your device; learn more about Android 6.0 and up permissions here.


    • Read Phone status and identity” – This permission enables OV to recognize when a call comes in and gives you the opportunity to answer it, pausing the current app in the background in the meantime.


    • “Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage”: These options allow the OV app to be installed on an SD card if you are operating from that storage media or running low on internal space.


    • “Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage”: These options allow the OV app to be installed on an SD card if you are operating from that storage media or running low on internal space.


    • “Receive Data From Internet”: Allows OV to utilize the data connection to send/receive data using your internet connection.
    • “View network connections”: Used to determine which network OV should be connected to.
    • “Pair with Bluetooth devices”: Used to allow OV headset to be Bluetooth paired with your device.
    • “Access Bluetooth settings”: Allows OV app to access Bluetooth settings to remain connected with OV headset”.
    • “Send sticky broadcast”: Allows OV headset to communicate back the battery status to Android.
    • “Full Network access”: Allows OV app to use your device data connection for access to Amazon Alexa and OV platform services.
    • “Change your audio settings”: Allows the OV app mixer preferences to be used on the OV headset.
    • “Run at startup”: Allows the OV app to be running at startup, and immediately accessible.
    • “Prevent device from sleeping”: Allows the app service to be active in the background for events such as an OV headset button press, such as accessing Amazon Alexa.

    We care about your privacy. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

  • Do I have to use the OnVocal app to use OV?

    The OV app is the perfect companion to access all the services of your OV, we suggest that you leave the app operational while operating the headset.

    On Android, a background service runs on the device to monitor button press and activity, such as pressing the Alexa button.

  • My headset is paired, but cannot connect to OnVocal app

    Note: On Android devices, you may need to configure ‘Use’ settings for OV, ensure that ‘Call audio’ and ‘Media audio’ are both enabled.

    1. Check that your headset is powered on.
    2. Check that your headset is paired to your device.
    3. Does your device appear in the ‘Select An Accessory’ option in the OnVocal app.
    4. Try restarting the app if you still cannot connect.
    5. If connection remains unsuccessful, try unpairing and re-pairing the headset.
    6. If connection remains unsuccessful, try turning the headset off then on.
    7. If connection remains unsuccessful, try restarting your device.
    8. If issue remains, turn your OV headset off, leave for an hour, and then re-connect to your device, the app should then operate correctly.

    If your issue continues, contact support

  • Will the OV app work with other headsets?

    The OnVocal App is designed only to work with OV headsets.

OV Neckband

  • Do I need to own an Echo device to use Alexa with OV?

    No, you do not need to own an Amazon Alexa Dot, Tap, Echo or other speaker; OV headset provides direct access to Amazon Alexa.

  • Using Line-In, loss of audio on one side or distorted sound

    If you’re experiencing snapping, crackling, popping, or no audio on one side:

    • Make sure the 3.5mm audio jack is fully plugged in.
      • The input connects to your audio device.
      • The other cable jack must be completely inserted into your OV.
    • Check that your audio source is on and working.
    • If problems persist, try a different audio source or an alternate cable
  • No sound from the earbuds
    • Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or other device.
    • Check that the OV is turned on and paired with your device.
    • Be sure that the source volume is not set to “Off”, and that the phone’s main volume is not set too low or that the phone is not in silent mode.
    • Check the earbud connector on the back of the neckband and ensure that it is plugged in all the way.  If necessary, you can reattach the connector by removing the plug (the part with the “OnVocal” nameplate), then plugging it back in.
  • Sound Quality – Audio from the earbuds sounds faint and/or lacks bass.
    • Check that the Audio Source volume is not set too low.
    • You will get the best audio experience when your ear is well-sealed against outside sounds.  Try using the Comply Foam earbud tips for best performance; squeeze them before inserting into your ear, and allow them time to gently expand and fit inside the ear.  If you prefer silicone earbud tips, try adjusting the ear buds or using a different size ear bud tip.
    • Check that the speaker openings on the inside of the ear buds are not blocked.
  • OV Care and Maintenance

    Keep your OV in optimum condition by keeping the headset clean which is essential for safe and lasting use.


    1. Clean your OV
      • Do not wear in-ear headphones if they appear dirty—keep your ear buds and ear bud tips clean.
      • Keep your headset clean and fingerprint free—use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe away dust and oil.
    2.  Safe Handling
      • Avoid exposing your OV to liquids, temperature extremes and high humidity.
      • To disconnect OV from your USB charger, grasp the plug at the end of the cable and pull—never pull on the cable itself.
    3. Store in a clean, dry environment.
      • When traveling or not in use, store your OV in the protective case provided.
      • Avoid storage in extreme heat or cold.
      • Shield and protect


    Ear Buds

    OV uses the 100 Series foam tips (Isolation, Sport, or Comfort series) available from Comply.

    How do I clean my ear bud tips?

    Using only water, gently wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Let the tips dry completely before next use. We recommend replacing Comply™ Foam Tips every three months or when they become soiled.

    For more information on ear bud tip maintenance, please visit Comply FAQ.

  • Using the Headset with Several Devices

    You can pair the headset with up to six devices but connect it with only one device at a time.

    The device that was first paired with the headset is the default device. If the headset is switched on within 10 meters (30 feet) of several paired devices, the headset tries to connect with the default device.

    If headset cannot connect with the default device, the headset tries to connect with the last used device. If the headset cannot connect with this device either, one of the other 4 paired devices  can be connected with the headset.

  • Volume Adjustment out of sync with device

    On iOS devices and some Android devices that fully support the AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control) Bluetooth profile, the phone and OV volume levels will stay in sync with each other no matter where adjustments are made.

    On other Android devices, the OV and the device will adjust volume levels separately.  This provides more possible volume levels; however, maximum volume can’t be attained unless both the phone and the OV are set to maximum. If either the OV or the phone is muted then no sound will be heard.

  • What is the range of the Headset from the Device?

    It is estimated that the range is 30 Feet but of course, walls and other electronic devices can cause interference.

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