Getting Started

1. Charging OV

Connect OV to a USB power source using the micro-USB charging port (with included cable). The LED is red while charging and turns white when fully charged.

2. Download the OV App



For the best OV experience, including Amazon Alexa* integration, download the free OV app, available for iOS and Android (*only where Amazon Alexa services are available.)

3. Pair OV

  1. Connect the earbud kit 14-pin connector to the neckband.
  2. To turn on OV, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds, until the neckband briefly vibrates. The LED flashes red and white to indicate pairing mode is active.
  3. Enable pairing on your Bluetooth-enabled device.
  4. Select “OnVocal” from the list of available devices. If a PIN is requested, use “0000”.

4. Wearing OV

  1. For a comfortable fit, bend neckband smaller than your neck size using the Flex Zones before wearing. (Bend only in the Flex Zone areas to prevent damage.)
  2. Place neckband around neck. Squeeze foam earbud tips before inserting into each ear, allowing foam to expand for optimal performance and sound isolation.
  3. Adjust microphone boom so it points toward the corner of your mouth.

5. Controlling OV

Adjust Music Playback, Volume, Ambient and Voice levels, or start a voice command session using buttons on the neckband.

  • Briefly press Power / Alexa button to activate Alexa Voice Services.
  • Briefly press Ambient or Voice buttons to enable or disable.
  • Press and hold Ambient or Voice buttons to cycle through volume levels.
  • Double press Ambient / Chat to toggle Chat Mode.
  • Press Command button to answer/ end calls or activate Siri (iOS) or Google Now (Android).
  • Double press Play/Pause button to skip audio tracks while playing music; single press during a call to mute or un-mute the mic.

6. Creating an OV account

Create an OV account to enable control of OV from the OV app. This will allow you to stay connected to the OV experience and other functionalities coming in the future.

7. Using Alexa on OV

If you did not already sign in to your Amazon account to access Alexa on OV when you downloaded the OV app

  1. Connect OV to your phone and open the OV app
  2. Go to settings on the OV app
  3. Select Amazon Alexa and follow the steps
  4. Briefly press Power / Alexa button to begin an Alexa command session (do not press and hold the button unless you intend to power OV off)

8. Setting OV Preferences

Use the free OV app for finer adjustments of Audio, Ambient, and Voice levels for music, phone calls, and Chat mode alike.

Save your favorite settings as presets.